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Is it a Safe or a Vault?

marijuana-vaultWhen you want to keep something valuable out of the hands of thieves, the words “safe” and “vault” come to mind. You may even use these words interchangeably. After all, most people don’t really understand the difference. Do you?

At International Vault Inc., we have the answers.

Both safes and vaults are used to keep valuables locked away safely and securely. In common terms, a safe is generally smaller than a vault, a protective box where you might place your money or your guns, but generally not something so large that you could enter and walk around.
A safe might be built into a wall or a floor, large enough to protect jewels and precious metals, important records, and even a gun collection; it is usually not a reinforced, intrusion resistant stand-alone room.

A vault is not only larger than a safe, but is most often a room-sized space or larger, where the walls, ceiling, and floor have been specially constructed and reinforced against intrusion. This room, the actual vault, is then equipped with a special vault door appropriate for the type of vault in place.

If you would like to know if a safe or a vault is the solution to your requirements, contact International Vault today for the answers you need.

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